Proposed Changes to the Constitution

Following is a list of the proposed changes to the constitution. The council will vote on these changes Wednesday May 25, 2016 at 5pm in the MISU room. Any persons with concerns are welcome to attend the meeting.

1. Table of Contents

Change ‘Appendix 2″ to read “Appendix 1”.

2. Section 2.9 Council Seal

Remove section.

3. Section 4.2 General Membership Duties

4.2.5 Change language from “a written explanation” to read “a written or verbal explanation”.

4. Section 4.4 General Meetings of the Union

4.4.3 Change language to “weekly or biweekly at the discretion of the president”.

4.4.8 Remove section.

5. Section 4.5 Special Meetings of the Union

4.5.2 Change language from “present” to “percent”.

6. Section 10.5 Recounts

10.5.3 Add “a candidate must assign a scrutinizer to observe the recounting of ballots and may not under any circumstances act as their own scrutinizer or be present for the counting of ballots.

7. Section 13 Regulations Pertaining to Advertising

13.9 Add “unless partnered with MISU”.

13.11 Remove section.

8. Section 15 Council Website

15.2 Change language to “The website may contain the following items, at council’s discretion”.

15.2 (a) Change language to “General Meeting minutes”.

15.2 (d) Remove section.

Name: Michaela Barnes
Email Address: