MISU Health and Dental Plan

The Marine Institute Students’ Union (MISU) provides the students of the Marine Institute with an
extended health and dental insurance plan. The students covered under this insurance plan must be
completing a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Technical Certificate, Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of
Maritime Studies or various Transport Canada courses at the Marine Institute (MI) for a period of 12
weeks or more.

As a full-time student, you are automatically enrolled in the health and dental plan. If you have alternative extended coverage with another organization you may choose to opt-out of the MISU Health and Dental Plan. You can opt-out online here. You may also choose to opt-in members(s) of your family (spouse, common-law, dependents). For more info regarding opt-out and family opt-in’s you can email tanasa.holloway@mi.mun.ca.

As a part-time student (registered for less than 9 credit hours), you will not be automatically enrolled in
the health and dental plan. You may choose to opt-in to the MISU Health and Dental Plan. You can opt-in
by completing this form and submitting by email to tanasa.holloway@mi.mun.ca or with payment to the cashier’s desk (C2210). You may also choose to opt-in members(s) of your family (spouse, common-law, dependents).

The opt-in and opt-out period for the MISU Health and Dental plan is the first two weeks of classes in
September, January, and May.

Your health and dental plan are designed to help cover medical expenses not paid for by your provincial
health plan. The plan includes, but is not limited to, curative prescription drugs, contraceptive drugs,
dental treatments, and accidental death and dismemberment benefits. For more information, check out
the health benefits page.

If you have any inquiries regarding the Student Health and Dental Plan please contact:

Tanasa Holloway
Email: Tanasa.Holloway@mi.mun.ca
Tel: 709 778 0595
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