How To Keep Your Average Up

Get extra help from your instructors or go to the evening Help Centre in W2056 , open during regular class time and from 7 PM – 9 PM, Monday through Thursday evenings. Check the schedule posted around the school for times. Drop courses if you feel it’s absolutely necessary. A “drop” doesn’t hurt your average as much as a “fail” of 5% or 10% would. Another option is to hire a tutor to help straighten out some of those concepts that just do not make sense. Go to the MISU office to see a database of available tutors. If you are interested in tutoring, come down to the office and we’ll add you to the list.

Cumulative Average

Your “Cumulative Average” is basically the overall average mark of all your course grades ever earned at the Marine Institute. In order to be able to return from term to term, you are required to maintain a cumulative average of 60%. You may be eligible for a one-term grace period if your cumulative average drops below 60% and is above 50%. Every course you take affects your cumulative average and your cumulative average affects your status at the Marine Institute. If you have a bad term, it could drop your average for the rest of your time at Marine. Once your average is down, it’s pretty tough to get it back up, so do not let it happen!